Tea Ceremony with Stellar Shift

A Tea Ceremony is a dynamic, flowing, somatic plant medicine meditation that fosters deep and reverent connection to ourselves, to each other and to nature.

Camelia sinensis (Tea) is a gentle plant spirit teacher who lovingly guides us through an inner journey as we receive bowl after bowl of her medicine, held in a ceremonial sanctuary of beauty. She carries within her wisdom codes of harmony and healing of mind, body, heart and soul, empowering us to live harmoniously with our True Nature, connected to our own inner wisdom.

During ceremony we may move through a range of sensations, emotions, inspirations, remembrances, creative downloads, visionary experiences, openings, deep presence- every ceremony is unique and each one supports our highest good in that moment.

The gorgeous Teas we experience are of the highest quality and vibration, sustainably sourced from small farms in biodiverse environments that steward the health of the entire ecosystem. We will be enjoying a featured top-shelf Tea from Blush brewed and served in a sacred ritual that brings out the highest medicinal qualities of the plant.

We would be honored to host you in this special afternoon of ceremony, connection and community!

Cost is $20 per person and includes a special post-ceremony snack. Because the group size is limited, pre-registration is required.

About Christina of Stellar Shift

Christina Echevarria, MSc is a Transformational Coach + Mentor, Breathwork Healer and Chajin (Tea Person) based in St. Petersburg, Florida. She is devoted to serving her community in ways that empower embodied awakening, heart-centered transformation, holistic healing, and authentic connections to ourselves, to others and to the Earth. In 2018 she graduated from the first class of The Elemental Energetics Tea School run by her Tea teacher Ashley Smith, and cultivates her intimate relationship to the Leaf and lineage through daily personal Tea Ceremony and ceremonial service to others. You can follow her on Instagram at @stellarshift or visit her website www.thestellarshift.com to learn more about her offerings and events.

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