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Coconut Oolong

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Coconut Oolong is one of our most popular tea! This lightly oxidized oolong tea from the South Pacific, has a long green leaf and a wonderful balance of sweetness and unami. The coconut note is true to the taste and will delight the palate with every sip!

How to brew the perfect cup:
Water: 195°F / Leaves: 1-1.5 teaspoon per 8 ounces / Inf usion Time: 3–4 minutes

Oolong tea, Essence of Coconut

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
It’s TEA best!!!

Enjoying all three teas purchased...coconut oolong is my fave!!! The coconut oolong puts a spring in my step and joy in my heart - a new tea experience! So thankful the friend I was visiting there served this tea - it has became a workplace (and home) staple!!

My favorite!

It goes so well mixed with Shri Lankin Chai. You guys should add suggested blends on the website! Real and rich coconut flavor which is hard to find. This is the best tea company ever so look no further

Hi Samantha, thank you for the review! That is a great idea to combine the Coconut Oolong with the Sri Lanken Chai, we will spread that idea around the team here and see about getting it added to the site. Please let us know if you ever have any questions or need any new tea suggestions!